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A brand consultant and marketing strategist by profession, Trine founded Boosting Business, a successful brand bureau in Denmark prior to moving to Qatar, where she co-founded LinkMotility and SpouseTalent in 2016. This was where she gained inspiration to help global mobility talents and entrepreneurs see an understanding of their power and the potential to become authorities in their field while on the move – and the mindset, guidance and roadmap to make it happen. Trine has been involved in multiple speaking engagements in Denmark, Qatar and Malaysia as a lecturer and guest speaker. A strong advocate of networking, she constantly emphasises its importance in all her lectures, talks and firmly believes it is one of the most powerful tools for people and businesses. Trine also co-founded Women in Business, one of the biggest professional network for women in Denmark. After spending nearly two decades in the branding industry, Trine knows what truly drives engagement, conversions and sold-out launches. Trine is a graduate of the College of Art, Craft and Design, Denmark. She currently serves as a Board of Director at the Malaysian Danish Business Council.