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Leading a limitless life; charting new territory
AsiaBizToday, TrailBlazers, January 24th, 2019Trine Sofie Tveen Nielsen- Co-Founder & Co-Director, LinkFacility Sdn Bhd A brand consultant and marketing strategist by[...]
Let the Expat Spouse move from the backseat and become a co-driver!
It’s a fact that the spouse or partner’s fear of losing their professional identity still remains the number one reason[...]
Career in Transition
More than 12 years ago I left Copenhagen and moved with the family to Doha, Qatar because of my husband’s[...]
Qatar to allow 100% foreign ownership in business
Qatar is about to welcome 100% foreign ownership in business, with the goal of becoming a prime target for new[...]
Job Hunting Abroad
​​Finding a job abroad, when you don’t know the culture and the language, and you can’t rely on any support[...]
5 steps to build a strong personal brand
A personal brand is the feeling and impression you leave in people aware of you, that separates you from other[...]


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